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Thursday, May 29, 2008

A facinating way to achieve fitness!

Did you hear about the man who took up horse riding to lose weight? After two weeks, twenty pounds were lost - by the horse!

I don't know whom to pity - the horse or the man! Well, you may find this amusing. But the experience of a large number of people striving to lose weight is, unfortunately, no less amusing. Amusing to others but frustrating to the people concerned, obviously!

There are as many weight loss me? This has been the most difficult question confronting everyone struggling to find a practical way to lose weight, without having to give up everything from breakfast to breathing freely.

Let me confess one thing. I am not competent to write about weight loss programs because I have never been overweight. I was underweight in my younger days but had picked up enough weight after my marriage to become normal. But I am still qualified to write on this because my wife had been having this problem since long. Those of you who are sensitive to grammar would have noticed that I had used the past perfect 'had been.' Yes, she has lost considerable weight now and has been fast approaching a stage of fitness.

But this was not easy. She had tried several methods like dieting, pills, work-outs and several other "magical" techniques, all of which resulted in loss of money but not of weight. Apart from the loss of money, the agony, frustration and the bitterness from the feeling of having been taken for a ride yet another time, were the other irritants.

Finally, we decided not to try any program without going through an objective review of weight loss programs. There were not many such reviews, but we found one review site which brought about the turnaround.

So, my suggestion to anyone trying a weight loss program is to look for to honest reviews, before jumping into any program.

Review of Weight Loss Programs